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Strong Safe Condoms x10

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Safety is ultimately the most important thing to focus on while engaging in sexual encounters. Even if you have only one partner, some symptoms may fly under the radar for a long time, popping up to cause havoc way later. It is always said that prevention is better than cure and this is particularly true when engaging in sexual relations with a new partner or if you have multiple partners. To keep yourself protected at all times, always make sure to wrap your penis in a good quality condom. For those not ready to start a family, condoms are always a great way to deter pregnancy but there are cases where the condom breaks. If this happens often, then you need to change the brand you are currently using and invest in top quality condoms. Anal sex is a great sexual indulgence, but most condoms are rarely compatible with the lubricants that are used in anal sex. This makes a lot of people risk their safety and go raw as they figure all condoms may be ultimately the same. This assumption is not true as Strong Safe Condoms are strong durable condoms that are ideal for anal play, making sure that you remain in the game completely protected. The condoms come in a pack of 10 condoms, ensuring that you have a decent amount that will supply your needs depending on how frequent you use them. Keep you and your partner safe by wrapping your dick up with great quality condoms that ensure you get to indulge in whichever form of penetration you prefer.

Specifications of Strong Safe Condoms x10

Flexibility : Very
For Who : Male
Brand : Enjoy Safe
Size : 10 Pack

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