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Innokin iSub Coils Plex 3D 0.35ohm 5PK

Size Guide
nnnOnce you have changed your coil it is important to prime the newly installed coil by priming it to avoid burning the cotton prematurely. This involves filling the tank completely with E-Liquid and leaving it to soak into the new coils cotton before vaping. You should leave the newly filled tank for around 6-8 minutes before use.nThe following is the complete range of genuine Innokin available for the iSub series tanks. Please note these coils are only compatible with the iSub series tanksnnnnniSub Replaceable Coilsnnnn0.2 Ohm (20-50W)n n0.5 Ohm (20-35W)n n1.0 Ohm (25-45W)n n1.2 Ohm (8-16W)n n2.0 Ohm (10-16W)nnnn nnn n nnnniSub Clapton BVC Coilsnnnn0.2 Ohm (30-70W)n n0.5 Ohm (30-70W)nnnn nnn n nnnniSub KAL BVC Coilsnnnn0.5 Ohm (30-60W)n n2.0 Ohm (10-25W)nnnn nnn n nnnniSub SS BVC Coilsnnnn0.5 Ohm (60-60W)nnnn nnnnnn

Brand: Innokin

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