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House of Eros Range


House of Eros 4-Pack Karabiner Set

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Restraints and bondage play span a whole lot of avenues, with the games getting more and more creative as time goes by. The more complicated the game the more accessories are needed to get the game safely going until its completion. Suspension requires a whole lot of strong accessories to ensure that the rope stays in place to avoid any accidents. Even if the game is unlikely to get that extreme, positional restraining may require more than just a rope tied to a pole. The House of Eros Karabiners are great accessories when it comes to easy positional restraints as they help hold the restraints in place with ease, whether it is a knotted rope or a basic D or O ring. With positional play especially on a bench that may lack a place to knot the rope, the karabiners can be set up at a marginal distance and used to secure the rope. Whichever play you intend on employing, karabiners make the set up process a bit easier as they also provide an easy way out if an emergency arises. Made from stainless steel, these accessories are not easy to break, ensuring that they can hold tight no matter how fidgety your submissive gets. The bigger the accessory, the more weight it can handle so always ensure that you match up your use with the right karabiner. The stainless steel surface is non porous, making cleaning a whole lot easier as it only needs a quick wipe down to keep it shining. 

Specifications of House of Eros 4-Pack Karabiner Set

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Brand : House of Eros Range

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