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Spencer and Fleetwood


Boob Rubik's Cube Novelty Puzzle

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The Rubik’s cube has been a favorite toy for a long time, with challenges set up to find out who can solve it the fastest or with one hand. With geniuses being good at this, the rest of the people have nothing but frustration when it comes to this tiny toy. There is however, a way to play with a cube that is a bit more interesting than matching up colors and numbers. The Boob Rubik's Cube Novelty Puzzle takes the boring color cube and turns it into something that will hold your attention a lot longer. The boob cube has titties instead of colors, and all you have to do is much up the nipples to their boobs. The cube may not be appropriate for public use, but it is sure to keep you busy when you feel the boredom set in. The set of boobs are great to look at, and they will have you working towards matching them up to get the full picture and enjoy the look of the complete boob. The cube can make an appearance as you hang out with friends as you get to challenge each other to make the connections in the shortest time possible. The cube makes for a great gift for that friend who has a birthday coming up or if you feel like cheering them up. With its size, the cube is very portable, allowing you to have it with you as you travel. Take on this challenge and find yourself having extra motivation to solve your first cube puzzle.

Specifications of Boob Rubik's Cube Novelty Puzzle

For Who : Both
Brand : Spencer and Fleetwood

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