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Have you ever fancied a replica of your fella's manhood? Clone Toys let you to make your very own sex toy of his intimate bits in their full glory!


Do it yourself dildo kits are here. Necronomicox has everything you need to replicate your cock or your favorite cock in just a few simple steps. Create a silicone mold of your cock and give it to your lover who might miss you while you were away. Create a Lover's game together moulding his dick into what will become your favourite sex toy. The dildo cock of your favourite man might be your best toy. Clone Boy and Clone-A-Willy cock cloning sets are easy kits to cast. Necronomicox carries cloning kits that are high quality with body safe materials and everything you need to create an incredibly hot and sexy replica of your favourite cock. These kits are high quality and available here at Necronomicox. Questions you might want to ask yourself and your partner include, do you want to clone his cock into a neon colour? Or do you want it to be kept more realistic with skin tone colours? Your choices are pretty much endless here at Necronomicox. We offer all the kits that you might need to awaken your sexual desires from cloning your most favourite cock. If you have ever thought about munching down hard on his erect dick, be sure to check out the fantastic flavors of our edible chocolate cock moulding kit. This kit is made to be yummy. With edible chocolate, you can mould his cock, and then he can watch you put it in and out of your mouth as you suck on it, play with it, tease it, and tantalise it. And then she'll go down on chocolate that looks just like his cock. Some of the cloning kits Necronomicox offers have an added bonus. Clone-A-Willy kits come with an insertable vibrator. So you can turn your favourite cock into your favourite dildo that vibrates. Imagine when your man is away and you are looking to play, pulling out the dildo that looks like the cock that you are used to seeing. The cock that you are used to fucking. Play with it while he is gone. Turn on the vibrator for added pleasure. Maybe add a little video chat so he can see you fucking his cock while he is away from you. If you know that you have the best dick in town, or you know that your man has the only dick that you will ever want, check out the wide selection Necronomicox offers of full kits for moulding your own cock dildo. Everything you need is there. Just add your favourite cock. Order with complete confidence in complete discretion here at Necronomicox. We will always respect your privacy. Clone a willy with willy moulding kits. Buy penis casting, penis moulding & diy dildo kits at Necronomicox UK online sex toy shop.

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