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Stockings are the greatest accessory for your legs, no doubt about that. However, they have the ability to make or break your day and it only takes a few minutes. Stockings sometimes may fail to hold in place and end up unwinding slowly until finally exposing your thighs in the most unceremonious function leading to the embarrassing dash to the bathroom or the self-conscious pulling up of the stockings while hoping no one is paying attention to your activities. To ensure that these events don’t take place, the suspender garters and belts came into play, and so far have done a great job in keeping the stockings in place and making sure your day rolls along quite seamlessly. However, the garter clips may be something you are not fond of, but you would still like to keep your stockings in place. The suspender stockings are one piece combination of stockings that are directly connected to the belt. However, instead of using garters, the garment is sawn together to form one complete outfit. The stockings may also be directly sawn together with the knickers to form a complete outfit without the hassle of finding a matching pair of knickers.

Suspender stockings still maintain the sexiness of the belt and garter stocking combination as the set still leaves the upper thighs exposed and accentuate the sexiness of the inner thigh while drawing attention to the crotch especially when you have no panties on. With the open crotch design the suspender stockings allow you to match them up with any knickers of your choice, from a demure pair of boyshorts to the ever sexy crotchless thong. The suspender stockings come in different design, with sheer lace being the most common due to its classic sex appeal and timeless seduction capabilities. If you choose to go the commando way, the reveal party will be a pleasant surprise to your partner as the suspender stockings leave both the crotch and the bum open, making sure you are ready for whatever sexual stimulation is coming your way. Opaque lace is great for work settings, as it keeps you looking only marginally sexy, thereby upholding the professionalism required in the corporate scene. Coupled with the stay-in-place functionality, the suspender stockings ensure you do not get into any embarrassing situation throughout your workday. The latex suspender stockings are designed for those with a need to find sexy costumes in their favorite sex material. The suspender stockings have a shiny finished look that makes the skin look like it is glowing from the inside. Necronomicox has the suspender stockings of your choice, be it the foxy and wild latex accessory or the quietly sexual lace counterpart. Suspender stockings were meant to be the solution to an embarrassing problem, but they have developed a life of their own, no longer settling as a backup but being the sexy item appropriate for daily use or the special accessory to your bedroom shenanigans. Pick out your favorite one and indulge yourself in the sexy feeling that will be sure to engulf you.

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