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How to Buy Textured and Sensation Condoms


Today condoms are not only about protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. They are focused on increasing pleasure during intercourse. Now, you can find studded condoms, with ridges like dots, and ribs that increase vaginal wall and the clit stimulation as you pummel her. Some have strategically placed rids in the inside which gives you a massage-like sensation as you thrust your partner. Enhance your sex life with tingling condoms. Tingling condoms are coated with a tingling lubricant designed to increase sensitivity of the vaginal wall making for a heightened level of arousal. If your partner needs a little too much encouragement for the vagina to self-lubricate, introduce a warming condom. The warming sensation is intended to heighten her arousal level which encourages the body to produce vaginal fluid. Make every thrust sensationally mind-blowing for both you and your partner. Warming condoms come already lubricated hence supplement her vaginal fluids before she can produce her own.

Textured and sensational condoms add a new excitement and intensity to your sexual experience. For as long as you are wearing one, you are more confident and anticipating which makes love making even more sensual. It is an edge you will be glad to exploit. But with so many brands marketing textured and sensational condoms, it can be overwhelming to know which pack will suit your sexual interests best. Buy stimulating, ribbed and warming condoms is actually not different from regular condoms. Most of the same rules like size, material and design matter. Here are some factors to consider when buying textured and sensational condoms.

Things to Consider when Buying Textured and Sensation Condoms


Like regular condoms, textured and sensational condoms are meant to provide protection against unwanted pregnancies and spread of sexually transmitted diseases/infections. It is therefore important that you get a fitting condom to reduce the risk of breakage or slip of during intercourse. A too tight condom might cause erection dysfunctions, climax difficulty or breakage. A too lose condom may slip off during intercourse leaving you and your partner unprotected. Textured condoms come in small, regular or large sizes. While most men fall under regular, some play around small while other on large. All condom packs from trusted brands will list the size of the condoms. Choosing the right size reduces risks of breakage and slip off hence, peace of mind during play. The textures and sensations are better felt with a fitting grove anyway.


Textured and sensational condoms are made from rubber and plastic materials including latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane. Latex is a natural rubber commonly used on condoms and medical groves. It is most preferred because it is economical to produce, waterproof and highly stretchable. However, some people have allergic reactions to latex which can increase their chances of contracting infections. Polyisoprene and polyurethane material, derived from rubber and plastics make great alternatives for people with latex intolerance. These materials are stretchy and waterproof like latex hence, essential in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Polyisoprene and polyurethane are hypoallergenic meaning they don’t cause any kind of allergies. However, these two materials can be harder to find in your local store than latex but can be easily ordered online. Just be sure to shop from reputable adult shops like Necronomicox to make sure you get high quality and authentic brand textured and stimulating condoms.

Go for Ultra-thin Design

Stimulating, ribbed and warming condoms are intended to increase sexual sensation for you and you partner. While you will find regular thickness and extra-safe textured and sensational condoms, go for the ultra-thin design. The thin coating feels like you are not wearing a condom at all while still providing maximum protection from unwanted pregnancies and STIs. It allows more heat transfer between you and your partner making for a fiery sensual session. The textured are also felt as an extension of your penis making every thrusting feel like an out-of-space sensation. The warming and tingling sensations will make both your bodies shiver with extraordinaries making for explosive toe-curling orgasms. Textured and sensational condoms are made to make you the sexiest endeavours she has ever climbed. Be sure to choose a design that make you deliver beyond her expectations.

Consider the Stimulation and Sensations you want

Studded, warming and tingling condoms will each deliver a different kind of punch. The studded which will include ribs, dots or a combination of the two are made to increase vaginal and clit stimulation during intercourse. Warming and tingling condoms are intended to heighten nerve sensitivity making for a steaming hot arousal. These make touch so intense your legs shake with excitement. You might have to try everything to know how each sensation feels before settling on a best. Why settle anyway when you can have fun with different sensations for each session. However, it is advisable to consult your partner before using warming and tingling condoms on them. The ingredients used to make the warming and tingling lubricants include pepper and mint which can cause vaginal dryness. They might also not be ready for any drastic sensations, discussing the sensations before purchase helps prepare and create anticipation for both of you, which make sex even for sensual.

Condoms don’t have to be a turn-off when it comes to sexual pleasure, buy studded, tingling and warming condoms at Necronomicox and enhance how she feels your penis. Choose from your favourite and trusted brands like Durex, playboy, Trojan, Pasante, Rough Rider among other. Different people tend to prefer different textures and stimulations. Try dotted, ribbed, tingling and warming condoms here at Necronomicox until for find your personal favourites. Unleash your bedroom playfulness with a pleasure condoms value pack from Necronomicox and surprise your partner with a new sensation every time you make love. Protect yourself from unwanted consequences while increase your pleasure with stimulating, ribbed and warming condoms. Simply take a spin at the Necronomicox website and order textured and sensational condoms from our Bedroom Essentials Collection. Necronomicox offer discrete billing, packaging and delivery to your doorstep. You no longer have to experience those awkward moments at the drugstore when trying to slip out a pack of condoms at the counter without your neighbour noticing. Enjoy a night of passion between the sheets with your partner, with new stimulation sensations.


Providing incredibly intense orgasms by stimulating her vaginal walls, the studded condom is a must-have in your bedroom. With ribbed pleasure that is strategically placed, you and your partner will both be stimulated with heightened sensitivity and more intense orgasms. Stimulating condoms protect against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infection just as well as regular condoms. Be sure to cover every time. But condoms today are not just about self-protection. They are also about pleasure. With dots and ribs, you can add pleasure to your sexual experience by just using condoms. Condoms are known to prevent against sexually transmitted diseases. Ribbed or studded condoms give you and your partner intense pleasure. Ridges perfectly placed can stimulate her clit as he thrusts into her. These ridges work for anal pleasure as well. Warming condoms also give incredible pleasure to your partner. With a warming sensation, you and your partner will feel amazing sensations ripple through your bodies as you heat up not only your bedroom but also the warming lubricant on these fabulous condoms. Spice up your life and enhance your private times with your lover with amazing sensations from tingling condoms. Giving your partner and your cock a little tingle will bring you both to intense orgasms. Enhance your thrusting action with a warming lubricant on warming condoms. Add stimulations with ribs, dots, and ridges. Protect yourself and your partner every time you have sex. Condoms can also prevent unwanted pregnancies. Be prepared every time you have sex. Condoms easily fit in your pocket or your wallet. Ladies, you can keep condoms on hand, in your nightstand, or in your purse. Always be prepared. With an award-winning warming studded condoms, you will be prepared not only for sexual protection but also for increased sexual pleasure. Order all of your condoms from Necronomicox. We will ship directly to your doorstep in a discreet package. Condoms with dots and ribs create an incredible sensation for your partner. Ordering condoms from Necronomicox is easy to do. From ordering and billing all the way to shipping and delivery, we will keep everything in your order discreet. You can have all your sexual needs and condoms delivered to your doorstep with Necronomicox online ordering system. Condoms delivered to your door. It could not get any easier than condom delivery. Necronomicox and the finest manufacturers of condoms have teamed up to make safe sex easy and available to you with protection as well as privacy. Our ordering system is easy and discreet. Browse all the options we have available in our sensational stimulating warming condoms selection here at Necronomicox. Mix and match for exciting evenings with your partner. Try new sensations. We have many available.


Textured condoms create more pleasure during sexual activity and this creates more confidence between the lovers in their love life. Condoms are of different texture and type. Enjoy your love life by trying out the textured condoms. Textured condoms are strategically made to spice up activities in the bedroom. Dotted condoms bring additional arousal and adventure in the love life. Add more pleasure in the spots that you need during intercourse. Choosing the kind of condom to use is a personal choice. What matters is how you spice up your sex life. Have fun between the sheets today by experimenting the dotted and ribbed condoms. Discover what textured condoms can do to your love life. The good thing about the ribbed and dotted condoms is that they are pocket friendly and many people are trying them. The main aim of wearing condoms is to enhance safe sex between partners. Condoms help in preventing pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections. There are varieties of condoms that spices up sex life. Such types of condoms are the warming condoms, ribbed and dotted condoms and the tingling condoms. They have been discussed in details below.


They contain special gel that creates gentle tingling sensation and pleasure. They are coated on both sides (inside and out) with special gel to enhance tingling pleasure and sensations. Get extra thrill and heightened sensations with tingle condoms. Many companies make tingling condoms in such a way to have a pleasant smell and this creates more enjoyment and relaxation. For storage purposes they should be stored in a cool dry place. Most tingling condoms have their ribs and raised dots positioned uniquely. They are dermatologically tested.


They are designed in such a way that they have raised dots on them. This is to enhance sensations and excitement to the partners. The dots on the condoms creates extra stimulation and friction to the receiving partner and this leads to deeper intercourse between the partners.


They have ridges that are a little raised around the condom. The ridges have been placed there to increase sensations during sexual intercourse. Try and feel the difference by using ribbed condoms. The ribbed condoms adds extra texture that leads to increased friction and more enjoyment. The ridges add pleasure to both the penis and vaginal walls creating extra sensations to the partners.

  • They have deep ribs to increase stimulation
  • They contain special reservoir end for safety purposes
  • They are made of premium high quality latex to help in reducing the risks of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections and pregnancy.
  • Each and every condom is electronically tested to enhance their reliability.

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