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Bondage Spreader Bars

Bondage Spreader Bars, also known as Hobble Bars, make it extremely hard for your submissive to walk. Made from chromed metal tubing, the bondage spreader bars make it incredibly difficult it to move whilst at the same time keeping the legs wide open. Bondage spreader bars also come in the form of restraint poles which enable the sub to have their legs and hands restricted simultaneously. Bondage spreader bars allow complete control for the master and utter submission for their slave!


Couples bondage leg spreader bar is a very well put together tool of bondage. A simple bondage ankle spreader bar can unlock so many possibilities in giving your lover easy and instant access for both vaginal or anal stimulation and sex. BDSM Spreader bars put your lover in the perfect position. Once strapped down your lover is at your mercy you can tease and torment them with desire and build up their anticipation to an explosive endgame. They are made for limiting movement as well as for comfort. Buy restraining kits from Necronomicox. They are easy and comfortable to wear. They are designed to keep your legs opened wide for easier and deeper penetration. While some bondage spreader bars are for restraining wrists and ankles simultaneously some are for ankles or hands only. Easy to use some of these toys are secured with velcro or buckles. Buy and use restraining essentials to control your submissive's movement and also to commit undivided attention to the pleasure of the moment. Partners who indulge in sexual enslavement increase intimacy, trust and strengthen how they relate to each other. Use these toys to enjoy greater and improved foreplay. There is heightened erotic anticipation when partners add sexual enslavement to their play. Browse on the Necronomicox website for durable and the latest in BDSM toys. Add bondage leg spreader bars to your bondage and enjoy focusing and living in the moment. They provide stability where a sexual position might be desired but prove to be ungainly. They also enable the dominant to employ other forms of stimulation. When you use these toys it is always important to ensure that there is agreement between the parties involved and that play is kept safe and as comfortable as possible. Put in as much practice as possible to make your play safe and enjoyable.

Sexually tantalising spreader bars combined with restraints are designed to invoke the most erotic of sensations and imagination. Buy and use spreader bars from Necronomicox and unlock the most visually rewarding sights of your bondage life. Unleash a new world unhampered by lack of access with BDSm toys. Feast on the sensual possibilities presented by use of restraints. Put your creativity and imagination to work and lock your submissive into positions that only you can imagine and come up with. Explore and ravish your submissive with a passion that will draw out intense and toe curling orgasms. Revisit your delivery of bondage and make some all-important changes inspired by the use of bdsm leg spreader bars toys. Necronomicox have enough in this category to satisfy your fantasies. Shop discreetly from Peaches and Scream for toys in this breathtaking category and enrich your personal collection of bondage essentials. Enjoy increased stimulation and deeper penetration with this category of BDSM toys. Put your lover under lockdown until they are whimpering and begging you to take them. Put some expectant sexual excitement in your bondage play. Put your submissive in wrist and ankle restraints and a spreader bar and give them something to look forward to and lust after. Buy and use couples bondage spreader bar in combination with other bondage toys. Include some spanking or butt plug or vibrator action in your restraints play. Get a pinwheel and tease and prick your lover and get them screaming for more. Savour the power of withholding pleasure or meting out punishment.

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