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Our selection of Wigs are ideal for changing your outward appearance.

Available in blonde, black, auburn and brown, choose wigs that are straight or wavy, long, mid length or short. All of our wigs are fire retardant and promise to give you a much different appearance whether you need them to go with a party outfit, for bedroom role play games or for simply changing your style. Our wigs can also be worn by sufferers of alopecia. Blonde wigs are a particular favourite.


All ladies out there who are looking for a quick dramatic transformation on their hair to fit different occasions and parties simultaneously are lucky because Necronomicox have the perfect solutions.  Browse and purchase the sexy party wigs online and save yourself long hours in the salon and get the perfect look one desires most. The wigs look so natural and are made from human quality hair with adjustable fastenings that would give you the perfect fit. These wigs have porous liners for extra comfort and also have the pleasure of styling it in advance.

Along with the sexy wigs come the women’s head covers essential for all who own and wear wigs. They are stretchy to fit firmly and keep your hair in place; the head covers are very comfortable that one will hardly feel that they are wearing them under your wig. The sets come in black and nude colours so that one can use the right one to match the colour of the wig you would want to wear.

These natural looking wigs also come in handy during bad hair days and if one is adventurous and would like to change their looks on regular basis, then these sets of wigs and head covers are the perfect options to go for. Browse online for the perfect wig in the wigs collection that would go with that fancy dress to a costume party or for some sensual role playing in the bedroom. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, you cannot afford to risk having your hair dyed or cutting them when you can transform so easily with a gorgeous and affordable sexy wig.

They come in a wide range of colours and shapes.  Some are long and straight while some are long with wavy curls and one can leisurely flip them forward and backward for that sexy and sassy look. These wigs being made from natural human quality hair, making them so soft and feels so real great and smooth on the skin. Short bobs are also available to suit different face types. One can decide to choose a wig with a fringe or not. Enjoy good moments with lovers and a friend with these sexy wigs from Necronomicox to achieve the desired, attractive and satisfactory look.  Very bright coloured wigs are also available that are necessary in lightening up the bedroom mood at its best.

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