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Browse Fucking Machines And Sex Machines - Sybian, Monkey Rockers

You don’t have to be a devotee of bondage and discipline to have fun with these sex machines and toys, although they would each make a welcome addition in any sex dungeon or red room of pleasure. Sex machines are toys that make it easier to achieve certain pleasurable erotic positions. They come with or without motors, depending on the machine’s specific purpose. Sex swings, sex chairs, and sex slings are one kind of sex machine, but we have a whole other page dedicated to sex swings, chairs, and slings. These machines can be used for masturbation or for partner play. Many of them are designed for convenient hands-free use in the case that your hands are otherwise occupied and are also designed to be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled for maximum portability.

Motorised Sex Machines

Motorised sex machines use the power of a motor for their stimulating action. Depending upon the machine, that action may involve thrusting, pumping, stroking, spanking, or other motions. Dildos, spanking paddles, and other toys may come in versions with motors and automated action. Many are designed to be used in conjunction with a harness so that they can be strapped onto the body for hands-free sex toy play. These often operate on batteries, although some may need to be plugging into the wall. If they do need to be plugged in, look to see if they include a universal adapter. Some can be controlled with a hand-held remote. They often have different speed settings as well. Motorised sex toys are quite safe to use, as long as the directions on the packaging are followed, caution is exercised, and all surfaces are properly cleaned, sterilized, and air-dried after each use. Bear in mind it can be fun to use motorised sex machines in combination with swings or slings.

Positioning Toys

Many toys are designed to help an individual or a couple achieve a desirable sexual position. This includes sex furniture, such as wedges designed to be sat or lain on to make the body parts in play easier for the partner to access, allowing for greater intimacy with less wear-and-tear from standing, stretching, etc. These can take the form of pillows, wedges, cushions, mattresses, benches, and other pieces of sex furniture.

Restraint Toys

Restraint toys are a kind of positioning toys, but these have the additional effect of keeping your partner(s) safely and gently restrained for bondage and dominance play. These include spreader bars, which are used to keep the arms or the legs separated. Spreader bars can be used in conjunction with other pieces of bondage equipment and are often designed to snap together quickly and easily, often with interlocking rings. They’re adjustable for different body sizes. These toys can be used either by themselves or with accessories that include handcuffs, blindfolds, ankle cuffs, etc. There is some overlap between positioning toys and restraint toys, as hardware for use with restraints is sometimes built into sex furniture such as mattress kits, bed sheets, stools, benches, pillows, etc.

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