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Whenever anybody talks about sexy lingerie you can be sure that stockings will always be in the conversation along with hold ups, nothing quite teases the same as the sight of flesh at the top of a silky thigh does it? So, with that in mind we have put together a collection of stockings, tights and hold ups that will tempt, tease and tantalise and really bring out the Sexy Peach in you.


There is something ultimately sexy about a short dress coupled with some nylon stockings that add allure to the whole ensemble. The quiet sophistication of the stocking has made it one of the best lingerie pieces. The stocking comes in nylon or lace and has been revamped over the years and multiple designs have made it into the sexy piece of fabric we know today. With nylon and lace combinations and fishnet, the stockings come as stand-alone pieces or can be incorporated into the corset and Basque ensemble. Stockings have featured in every sexy scene in movies and for good reason. With the slow motion capture of the seductress rolling up her stocking, this sensual picture plays in the mind every mind the thought of getting stockings comes to mind.

There are various stocking designs that have proven to be unbelievably sexy over the years. The nylon stocking with lace trimming on the edges has been featured in various shows and magazines. The stocking is great as the lace trimmings come in various sensual colors and with intricate designs like bows or laces, increasing the allure of the stocking. The stockings can also be clipped to the sexy corset or the Basque for a one-piece sexy look that is bound to drive anyone nuts. This combination may or may not involve the wearing of panties but if there are panties involved, there are a multitude of options to choose from. From thongs to crotchless panties, the stocking accentuates your sexiness by only providing a glimpse of your upper thigh, making the mind go wild. Coupled with some demure heels, the stocking gives the ankles a delicate yet sexy appeal.

The pantyhose cannot be left out when choosing the appropriate hosiery to get your sexy on. Pantyhose hold down the fort, and from opaque to sheer ones, they shape up the legs into the sexy art form that enhance your sex appeal. Choosing the best hosiery is a difficult task as there are so many sexy options to choose from, the next always being better than the last. Plus size stockings and hosiery are just as sexy, stretching enough to cover every inch of your sexy frame from the toes to the thighs or even the chest if you have a corset and garter combination to attach to your hose or stocking. The corset, garter and stocking combination can be used as a bodysuit option with a short skirt to give the ultimate sexy look of sheer top and bottom with a bare cover up that lets the imagination run wild. Whichever looks strikes your core the most, your size is no longer a limitation when joining the sexy squad and all you have to do is pick the design after your own heart and run wild with it. Necronomicox provides you with sexy stockings and hosiery to fit your frame and help you transform into the sexy queen that you have always desired to be. Buy plus size stockings and hold ups for extra large sizes 16 up to 32 at Necronomicox Plus Size Hosiery and Lingerie boutique. 

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