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The mini pleasure pillow gives you anal love and pleasure. Lube up and climb on. Move up and down and ride this soft pillow till the sun sets. The single pleasure pillow has one dildo on it. Just as with the mini pillow you can get on it, hump it, ride it, and fuck it until it brings you to come all over the sleek vinyl. The pillow is soft and shiny. So make it wet and slick while you are on it. The large dildo pillow is soft, sleek, and shiny. With a larger dildo on this sleek pillow, you are sure to enjoy this ride. A larger pillow and a larger cock might just mean larger orgasms for you. As you hump this pillow rub your clit, smack your ass cheeks, and welcome all the sensations that come with the motion this pillow provides. Radical Vinyl’s double pen pillow has a dildo and an anal attachment. One is smooth at 5 x1 inches the other is more penis shaped at 11/2 x 7 inches. When you climb onto this soft Radical Vinyl pillow, you are sure to reach ecstasy quickly. One cock in your ass and one cock in your vagina. For many women, there's no better way to come. Blown up, this pillow is firm yet soft. You can bounce on it and fuck it until you cum. The double pleasure pillow from Radical Vinyl gives to you both an opportunity to fuck these soft pillows with these hard dildos together. You and your lover can ride this pillow like a seesaw. She goes up you come down. There is just enough room between these dildos for the two of you to reach over and rub each other's clits. This gives you both extra sensation and the possibility of that infamous squirting clitoral and vaginal orgasm at the same time. The three dildo pillow from Radical Vinyl brings extra excitement. Three on one. Imagine the moans and groans coming out of those lucky enough to ride to this pillow. Get kinky. Get slick. And enjoy a good fuck with Radical Vinyl pleasure pillows from Necronomicox. Necronomicox offers full discretion on all orders. Order, bill, ship, and deliver. It's all kept private. Buy sex position pillow at Necronomicox UK online sex shop. Browse pleasure pillows, ride on sex toys and sit on sex toys.

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