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Metal Dildos

Metal dildos are not only pleasurable, they are also fun to play with. These metallic dildos you can see from this category is made from nickel free, body safe and hypoallergenic materials. So there’s no need to worry.

The best part about metallic dildos is that you can experiment with different types of play. Like temperature play. The metals used in these dildos are often temperature sensitive so you and your partner can have fun exploring the world of temperature play.

  • Temperature Play
  • Anal Play
  • Vaginal Play
  • Stylish designs


Metal dildos are cool and sleek and offer a sexy change to your typical sex toy. Metal dildos heat up to your touch and to your motions. They also create sensations typical sex toys do not. Metal sex toys create amazing orgasms. Control the temperature of these metal dildos with a little trip to a bowl of ice water to cool them down. A cooler sensation will help you contract and tighten your interior muscles giving you intense orgasms purely based on the cold of the metal. Metal also holds heat very well. So you can put these metal dildos in a bowl of hot water. Don't make them too hot, but your skin will love the warm touch of a sleek metal as you insert slowly and then more quickly. Metal sex toys and metal dildos are extremely sexy. They are versatile. Metal sex toys can be molded into many different shapes. Our metal dildos here at Necronomicox are unyielding by nature yet powerful by design. These toys come in different shapes and sizes. They differ in length. Metal toys can be fun and smooth and sexy. Play with metal sex toys alone or bring them into your bedroom with your partner. Let metal dildos entice your senses. This unyielding material is safe for your body. It is relentless when it comes to pleasure and sensation. Metal dildos are the perfect thrusting tool. They are sleek and sexy. In appearance, metal dildos are often like works of art. Pick up two or three and decorate a shelf in your bedroom. No one will know what they are except for beautiful pieces of exquisite art on your shelf. Then when you are alone or with your partner, bring them out to play. Necronomicox has different colors of metal available. These metallic metal dildos add a splash of color to your bedroom. And metallic dildos are sexy in appearance, smooth in feel, and enticing in action. Use these metal dildos vaginally or anally for the most exquisite pleasure you could imagine. Metal dildos are exciting and intriguing. The metal dildos here at Necronomicox vary in shape and size. Some of these metal toys have bulbous heads or knobs. Some of these metal dildos have curved tips to stimulate your G-spot. Necronomicox has metal butt plugs and metal anal beads as well. Check out the metal collection and add to your at-home collection today. Metal dildos are non-porous making them hypoallergenic and safe for your bodies. Order your metal dildos today at Necronomicox. We keep your sex life private and all of your orders kept discreet. Buy a metal dildo at Necronomicox UK online sex toys shop. Browse aluminium & stainless steel dildos, best metallic dildos, realistic dildos, suction cup dildos, glass dildos, vibrating dildos, double ended dildos, huge dildos, black dildos,

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