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MUST READ! Ultimate Guide: How to Buy Jewelled Butt Plugs

You have already explored the dark eroticism of anal pleasure and you feel it’s time to add some fashion glamour and excitement into it. Then, think jewelled butt plugs.

Jewelled butt plugs spot gemstones, diamonds, coloured glass among other exotic decals and appendages on the base area worn outside the butt. They are aesthetically pleasing and entice you to play with their glamour and exotic appearance. For some people, just looking at diamonds dancing with the light as the butt twist and turns can send powerful shivers or excitement up their spine.

How to Use Jewelled Butt Plugs

Jewelled butt plugs are crafted with fun, fashion and pleasure in mind. They give you anal fullness and at the same time stimulate your emotional with their devious beauty and exoticism. Jewelled butt plugs can be worn by both men and women who love the feeling of fullness during solo play, normal sex or long- term continuous stimulation. If you like solo play, light up your room, insert a jewelled butt plug into your back door and sit in front of a wardrobe size mirror as you masturbate. The diamond crystals will reflect the light and the mirror to create a theatrical display that wills not only confusing pleasure you brain but also improve the quality of your masturbation. Or even better, clad your jewelled butt plugs out for a nude party for a fashion statement and let others daze on your posh butt. And if you like it private, wear your jewelled butt plug for a private romantic date with your partner and get him super excited and blaze yourself for multiple orgasms and ultimate sexual gratification. Whatever way you choose to wear your jewelled butt plug, remember to use plenty of anal lubricant to make insertions and removal more fun and pain free.

Things to Consider when Buying Jewelled Butt Plugs

Like many other sex toys, they come in different shapes, size and materials to make sure there is some exotic pleasure for everyone who want to explore anal eroticism in style.


Jewelled Butt Plugs come in different sizes range from small, medium to large. Size is highly dependent on how much anal training you have up your sleeve. For beginners, we recommend you start small. For as long as your butt is still tight, even what is considered small can be a challenge to insert, but once you have inserted fully, the fullness and stimulation may even push you to skip everything else till ultimate leg-shaking orgasm. For anal masters, challenge your erotic imagination with more fullness and exoticism from inside out. However, no matter how much of a pro you are, always take it slow during insertion and removal. Also remember to use plenty of anal lube to make the jewelled butt plug go in smoothly without damaging the rectal walls.

You also need to consider the size of the jewelled base. Choose one that is big enough to prevent the plug from slide entirely into you, but sizeable enough to be comfortably tucked in between your bum for when you want a long- term wear.


The shape of a butt plug can significantly increase sensation during insertion and removal. It also making the butt plugs more stimulants especially when the butt plug is left inside during other sexual stimulations such as masturbation or sex. Jewelled butt plugs are no different. They are designed in different shapes like bumps, ribbed, waved and sometimes a combination of the two (for example coned top and ribbed neck) to increase their stimulation capacity. Depending on your expertise in anal pleasure, choosing a butt plug with different shapes can increase the girth and multiply the intensity of your organismic experience.

For jewelled butt plugs the base is also designed with different shapes from round button, to hearts and flower shapes. The shape you choose is entirely dependent on your personal taste and how you want to wear the jewelled butt plug.


Jewelled materials are crafted from different materials with the most popular being stainless steel, glass, and silicone. Most of these materials are body safe, non-porous and easy to clean. For those who love rigidity, you will be spoilt for choice when trying to zero in on one or two jewelled butt plugs.

Consider where you intend to wear the Plug

Where you intend to wear your jewelled butt plugs petty much determines most of the other things. If you just want a plug to wear at home during your solo plays or with a partner, you are free to choose a large size if your butt can take it. However, if you plan to wear your jewelled butt plug for a long time, maybe out on a date with your partner; choose a smaller or medium plug that can hold for a long time. You will also want a more flexible and bendable material likes silicone for when you need to sit up or go up a staircase. This may also not be the best time to go crazy on shape; a simple smooth surface is more comfortable for long-term wear.

Decal Engrossment

Apart from the internal sexual stimulation, jewelled butt plugs are meant to create a fashion statement and visual excitement. Therefore, you need to pay particular attention to the base to make sure the decals are firmly engrossed. You don’t want an embarrassing moment where the sparkling heart falls off as you catwalk during a nude party or just when you are preparing to invite your partner in.

At Necronomicox, we believe sex is no longer about one partner trusting another. It is a deep and well-orchestrated enlightenment that gives you freedom to be imaginative and engineer your own way of exploring pleasure. We are dedicated to provide you the tools that will completely alter how you want to be sexually satisfied. Browse our Necronomicox online shop for high quality body safe jewelled butt plugs and anal lubricants. If you don’t captain your erotic ship of pleasure, who will?


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