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Erotic Chocolate Body Paint - Edible Body Paint - Body Frosting

In this category, you will find edible body paint and sauce. Products in this category have two things in common:

They are all edible.

They are all designed to be applied to the body.

An awesome avenue of fun and sensuality for you and your partner. Most are even packaged with their own brush or applicator. When you’re looking for something new to try, or wanting to explore your lover’s body in a different and sensual way, these are definitely products to try.

Being edible, these products do have a use by date, which we track with our inventory system. This means that any body paint or sauce we deliver is always well within the limit.

We also list the full ingredients for each product, as it appears on the packaging. Even if the ingredients weren't listed on the product, we will go out of our way to try to obtain the ingredients list and any other available details to display with the product here at Necronomicox.

  • Edible
  • Often comes with body applicator
  • Makes exploring your lover’s body more fun
  • All are within used by date.

Foreplay has always been emphasized as a way to get women off, with men claiming they do not necessarily need it to get ready for a round of mind blowing sexual experience. However, this is a contradictory statement as no man has ever said no to a blow job and this might as well be categorized as foreplay. Oral stimulation is such a fundamental part of the sexual routine and its importance has had songs dedicated to giving head, eating pussy and also eating booty like groceries. No matter how much you may enjoy sloppy blowjobs and having your ass eaten out like groceries, sometimes you or your partner require some form of boost to participate in these activities.

Body fluids are not always pleasant and the taste is not appealing to all. To ensure that taste will never be an excuse not to receive or give that oral attention, the erotic chocolate body paint was created. Chocolate is a flavor that is loved by most people and combining this flavor with the body paint is a great way to ensure that you will always want to lick your partner and enjoy every single moment of it. With a brush, just paint over the part where you would like to focus your attention on. Get her nipples all sensitive and alert by painting over them and sucking on the tasty treat that you have made for yourself. For a blowjob like no other, paint over his dong and balls and suck off the paint with your tongue and this will drive both of you wild as you get to enjoy chocolate as well as please him endlessly. The taste of the body paint is its greatest asset as it allows you to find the flimsiest of excuses to lick your partner or to get them to lick you. Accidentally painting yourself with the paint on the parts you wants licked is a great way to have your needs met without saying a word. This game can take on various forms but still remain very erotic and fun to participate in.

Nobody can ever say no to foreplay, and if there were any excuses forming, the erotic body paint has crushed through them making oral stimulation a pleasant and intense game that is guaranteed to satisfy both parties. Foreplay is no longer a build up to something, it is now an event in itself, meant to be enjoyed and indulged in with great enthusiasm and 100% participation. Necronomicox offers you the Saucy and Sexy Chocolate Body Paint with Brush, a product that will make your foreplay sessions something that you look forward to due to its intensity and delightful surprises. Embrace the adventurer in you and embark on a tongue trail journey all over your partner’s parts and get to discover the little parts that get them all fired up. This product is a guaranteed favorite as it will intensify your hard ons and make her want you so much more when you are done charging her senses with your tongue.

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