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Erotic body massage oil does more than offer a great massage. Erotic massage oils have aphrodisiacs and specially formulated scents to stimulate your mind and your body. Erotic body massage oils can turn you and your partner on by a simple touch. When used as foreplay, erotic body massage oils can get the two of you into the right frame of mind and turn you both on. Sensual massage can certainly create erotic and sexual arousal. But it can also empty your mind freeing you both from the stresses of day-to-day life and allow you to be with one another, alone with one another; mind body and soul. Necronomicox has an extensive line of erotic body massage oils available for your pleasures. With various aphrodisiacs to turn you both on and an exuberant amount of fragrances to set the tone and the mood, erotic body massage oils from Necronomicox are going to put you and your partner in a place where you will be ready to be one together. With various scents like vanilla or jasmine, erotic body massage oils can relax your muscles and open your mind. Fragrances and the essence of herbs have for many years worked to seduce the mind. Woody scents such as frankincense, cedar, sandalwood, or cypress tend to take our minds to a musky place where we might feel masculine or yearn for a masculine touch. Softer scents and fruity smells like strawberry, cherry, juniper enlighten the air in the room changing the environment to something where you and your partner want to be soft sweet and sensual. Start your evening with your lover off with an erotic body massage using some of the oils here at Necronomicox. Starting from their neck and shoulders and working down their arms to their sides, it's an easy turn of your hands to rub their chest and maybe suck her nipples or cup her breasts with your face close. Leg massages with erotic body massage oils can start at the feet. Taking this stress out of your lover’s day is easy with an erotic body massage oil moving upward from their feet up their calves and the back of their knees which is a wonderful place to kiss, up their sides and on to the incredible treasures that you know await. If you take this erotic body massage nice and slow it can be foreplay that will turn your partner on until they can't take anymore. If you are very fast it will be made clear that you are ready and you just want a good quick massage to get the mood set and your body lubricated. Once the two of you oils up and down, you can go to town on each other. Things like intercourse and oral sex can even be made better with erotic body massage oil. Order everything you need for eroticism in your bedroom from Necronomicox. We will ship your items in a discreet package directly to your doorstep. 

Full Guide: How to Buy Erotic Body Massage Oil

You know how it feels! Your lover’s hands pressing down your spine as you lie back on the bed. The slow calculated movements smoothing down your neck, then shoulders, up your arms, down your torso climaxed with a deep kiss to the stomach. You feel the tension leaving your body, the muscles relaxing, the sweet aromas are intoxicating the ambiance, relaxing your mind. You slowly close your eyes with satisfaction. But they keep going. A little play between the inner thighs, you are twist and oozing with pleasure. The hands continue down the sprig to your legs, and then feet. It tickly but you can’t jerk them away; the pleasure is just too good. You can’t help the moans. Your lover’s hands feel like part of you, you are connecting with their soul. You love who they are, what they do to you, and all you want is to pleasure them, and ready you are!

Erotic body massage is bound to relax and turn you on like never before. Once you incorporate it into your sex life, every session will certainly bring your together. You learn to appreciate pleasure and relaxation in each other’s arms. It is a soft kind of intimacy that binds couples for a lifetime. Using erotic body massage oils makes the massage more pleasurable. The oils allow your hands to glide the skin more smoothly, sinking deeper into the muscles. Erotic massage oils also provide benefits like soothing, moisturising and rejuvenating the skin.

Erotic body massage oils come in different types, densities and flavours. Choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. Here are a few factors you need to consider when choosing erotic body massage oils

Tips Choosing Erotic Body Massage Oils

Consider the Attributes

Different massage oils have different attributes. For a perfect erotic body massage consider these attributes:

Low Viscosity and Density: The erotic body massage oil should allow an easy flow. Once applied, you should be able to smoothly move your hands over the skin. Low viscosity also makes it easy to give your partner a hot oil massage. It runs smoothly down the spine or chest without being sticky.

Absorbable: The erotic body massage oil should be easily absorbed by the body, though not instantly. This wills allow you to enjoy a nice massage without becoming too greasy.

 Erotically Scented: The main purpose of the massage is to relax and arouse your body. Scented erotic body massage oils will relax and set your mind to achieve a higher level of sensual stimulation. Scents like vanilla and jasmine will relax and open up your mind to warmth and passion. Essence herbs like lavender, cypress, frankincense will sooth the spirits and bring balance to the body and mind. Refreshing and soft scents like mint, ginger, strawberry and rosemary lighten the mood, clear out negative energies and lift your erotic spirits. An erotic massage should sooth, relax and lift your body. Find the scents that help your set the right erotic mood.

Moisturizing: The erotic body massage oil should leave your skin moisturised and smooth long after the massage.

Consider Your Personal Preferences

When choosing an erotic body massage oil, put into consideration your partner’s  preferences. Your partner may prefer a different scent than you. Or want some advantages such as menthol cooling effects, vitamin E for their skin benefits, or oil designed to relieve poor circulation and anxiety such as sesame oil. Consult with them to know what they really want out of the massage. Also contemplate your own needs. If you can’t find oil that encompasses both your needs, why not pick one for each. Necronomicox have a wide variety of erotic body massage oils you can choose from.

Be Careful about Allergies

Some people suffer from fragrance allergies, nut allergies or certain flower extracts allergies. If you suffer from any allergies, you should be keener on the ingredients to make sure you get erotic body massage oils right for you. For example, someone with a nuts allergy should not use almond or coconuts oil. To avoid irritation, choose hypoallergenic oil. If you are not sure which erotic body massage oils will work for you, feel free to contact Necronomicox customer care desk. We are always here to help.  

Benefits of Erotic Massage

Besides the physical and mental health benefits, erotic massage is more focused to boosting sexual arousal. It focuses on the different erogenous zones of the body helping you re-discover, embrace and appreciate your natural body beauty. It can be used to set up the mood for intense intercourse or be enjoyed as a relaxing session on its own.

An erotic massage will;

  1. Help you let go of the inhibitions. Erotic massage allows you to explore pleasure in creative new ways. If you are a shy and self-conscious person, an erotic massage help you learn to appreciate and embrace your nudity. You know that your body is a powerful instrument of beauty and pleasure.
  2. Awaken your senses and allow you to release tension and pressures. The massage stimulates blood circulation and relaxes your muscles giving you a deep relaxation.
  3. Create an intimate connection between partners. Erotic massage involves eye contact, synchronised breathing and touch. These intimate activities bring you closer to your partner than ever before.
  4. Improve erections: Perineal and prostate massage stimulates blood flow, strengthen erectile tissue and help relieve prostate dysfunction making for a stronger erection.
  5. Set a wonderful prelude for intense sex- erotic massage fine tunes your body into an intense orgasmic mood for an intense sexual performance.

Erotic massage will bring you together with your lover. Order erotic body massage oils from Necronomicox and pleasure your partner to erotic relaxation. Set your bedroom for sexual eroticism with Necronomicox. Order from our extensive range of erotic body massage oil, erotic massage lotions, erotic massage candles and everything else you need to make your erotic sessions more sensual. Necronomicox will discreetly package and ship your order to your door step.

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