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Self-pleasure isn't always about pleasing yourself with hands and fingers and toys. Self-pleasure can also be about missing what is not here. An ejaculating penis dildo can give you self-pleasure along with some of the bonuses you typically get when you are with your partner. These ejaculating dildos mimic a real hard cock. Their cock like texture and veiny appearance is just what your body yearns for when you want a hard cock fucking you. These ejaculating cocks are special in that when you are ready, when you know you are about to cum hard, you can send a forceful ejaculate into your body and have this dildo cum with you. One of the things you might be missing with your partner is feeling that last thrust as he pounds himself into you and cums inside you. You might be missing that feel of that rush of liquid as he fills you with his cum. As you fuck these ejaculating dildos, you know when you are about to cum with the help of a pump or the pushing of a syringe you can send liquid of your choice straight into your vagina or into your ass and pretends like he is there with you forcing his ejaculate into your body the way that you love. Another way to use these squirting dildos is to fuck them as hard as you can and as you cum, pull out like your male lover might do and then pump the ejaculate - whatever liquid you chose to put in there - all over your stomach. Want to give this dildo a blowjob? Mouth fuck this ejaculating squirting dildo and push the pump and have it cum in your mouth. Be sure to fill it with something sweet and tasty. Some of these ejaculating dildos are inflatable. Some are jelly or silicone. Some even have a suction cup at the base so you can stick it to a hard flat surface and ride it like you would your favorite real life cock. Just as in the other scenarios as you ride this thing hard you're able to control when this dildo squirts into you or all over you with the pump action ejaculation. Be sure to check out all of the fabulous dildos we have here at Necronomicox. Think of some of the favorite things you love to do with your favorite erection. If one of those favorite things is to have him cum all over you or cum squirting straight inside of you, check out one of the ejaculating dildos from Necronomicox. You are sure to love the feeling of not only the cock that you will fuck but also the liquid squirting wherever you would like it to go. Order today from Necronomicox and understand that we respect your privacy. Know your sexual play belongs to you. Your orders are always kept discreet here at Necronomicox. Buy squirting dildos online. Browse realistic, large, jelly, suction cup, vibrating, double ended, inflatable, glass, small, metal, glass, silicone, jelly, rubber, squirting, anal, fist, lesbian, strap on, fat, vibrating & ejaculating dildos sex toys.

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