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MUST READ! Practical Guide: How to Buy Bed Restraints and Under the Bed Ties

If you are one of those couples who enjoy vamping up your erotic plays, keeping you partner still while you pleasure them is not easy. They want to kiss, touch or even squeeze your hand, when all you want to do is play dominant. Now with bed restraints and under the bed ties, you can turn your bed into a BDSM playground and restraint your partner in a matter of minutes. Just slide in the straps under your mattress or bed arms. Restrain her arms and legs from all sides or top and bottom of the bed.

With wrist and ankle cuffs, unable to move yet anticipating an erotic moment, she will be dazzling with excitement. At this point, you are at liberty to kiss her entire body, flog her tenderly or even give her a warm clito-massage. She will want to touch your head or even kiss you back, but restrained, she just can’t, which is super exciting. This is your chance to play with her body. Experiment and rediscover her pleasure spots. Pinch her nipples as you caress her entire body with a falcon feather. When she is wet and ready for you, insert your member and thrash her for a deep G-spot massage. Listen to her deep moans as her body twist with explosive multiple orgasms you have never delivered her before.

Be naughty and dominate him for once. Spread him like an eagle on the bed and teach him a few pleasure lessons. Lube him up and insert a cock ring with a butt plug up his sleeves. Tease his senses until he is so erect it hurts. Pour some chocolate milk shake up his stomach and lick it up with girthing suckles, let his skin clinch with every move. Turn and let your juicing vagina rest on his chest as you give him a deep vigorous oral. Be wild; give him a gentle butt spank as you pummel the butt plug. Give him a deep prostate massage and watch as his body kink and shake with pleasure. Let him moan and trust. He wishes he can just grab you now and give you a powerful penile trusting, but tire, he can only submit to your physical and psychological pleasure torture.

There are a thousand and one things you can do with bed restraints and under the bed ties, all you need to do is purchase the right piece and let loose your erotic fantasies.

How to Buy Bed Restraints and Under the Bed Ties

Type of Restraints

When it comes to bed restraint systems, they come in different types ranging from simple robes to complex stretchable belts with wrists and ankles cuffs. If you are a beginner, we advise you avoid using robe as it requires a particular expertise in knot safety. Look for a simple and comfortable design that is easy to install and wear.


Bed restraints and under the bed ties are made with different materials including leather, metal, polypropylene webbing, velboa fabrics, and plastics. Go for materials that are durable and easy to clean. If you are a beginner in bondage play, we recommend that you avoid metallic and plastic cuffs as they can be quite uncomfortable. Although it can more expensive, leather is very durable and has a certain masculine arousing touch around it. Nonetheless, your choice of materials boils down to your personal preference and spending capacity.

Straps Adjustability

We all have different size and designs of beds. Go for a restraint system that has adjustable or stretchable straps to fit into your bed size. Adjustable straps also make it easily for you to try out different positions and styles during your BDSM scene.

Cuffs Comfortability

Sex restraining involves a lot of body twisting and pulling. Invest in a bed restraint system that has comfortable and softened cuffs to ensure your submissive is not hurt during play. Go for cuffs with furry or cushioned linings especially if you are just starting out. You will also want cuffs that have adjustable diameters so you can easily tighten or loose to fit different body sizes.

Consider Versatility

Bondage plays involves a set of games. You want a bed restraint system that challenges you creative. Besides eagle restraining (where you tie your partners hands and ankles spread out to all four corners of the bed), you might want a partial bondage or to flip your over for a deep stimulating anal play. Go for a bed restraint system that allows you to unhook the cuffs for more play possibilities. Some have cuffs that can be hook together to form a pair of handcuffs.

It’s no secret; bedroom bondage play is one of the most fun and explorative type of sexual experience. Change how you deliver pleasure, buy a set of bed restraints and under the bed ties from Necronomicox and surprise your partner. And after restraining your partner, your only goal is to deliver pleasure in an exotic way. Please like a master; also invest in floggers, blindfolds, nipple clamps, feathers or even an inflatable dildo to leave your partner drunk with pleasure. Necronomicox bedroom essentials got you covered.  Add to cart now and we will discreetly package and deliver them to your doorstep. Provide the inerasable pleasure to your partner with Necronomicox. After having your fill of pleasure, simply tack your bed restraints under your mattress. Just knowing they are under there and will be retrieving again soon is electrifying by itself.

Bondage Precautions

Before inserting any sex toy into your partner, make sure it is clean and sterilised to preserve their health and hygiene. Also use lots of lubricant to make any insertions and removals are smooth and pleasurable. Despite how exciting and rough your BDSM games get, never leave your submissive unattended. Make sure the cuffs remain loose to prevent loss of blood circulation. And always communicate with your partner during the game to make certain they are having fun too. If pain, ascertain it’s the kind of bittersweet pleasure they fancy. Play it safe and pleasure each other. That’s the point anyway.

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