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Full Guide: How to Buy Animal Penis Dildos

There is an animal instinct in all of us. And for some people, expressing it through sex is the greatest fantasy. You think about how it would feel to have a doggy, pony or dragon penis up your vagina or butt.

Fortunately for you, the innovative world of sex toys have realised your fetishism needs and designed animal penis dildos. Spice up your solo and couples play with animal penis dildos of your dreams. Be creative; incorporate a doggy penis dildo into your DBSM role-play games. Mount a pony penis dildo as you savour a cowboy ride in your solo escapades. Whatever animal you fetish, there is a penis dildo in it honour.

Now that you are already fantasising your sessions, here are a few things to consider when shopping for your perfect animal penis dildo.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Animal Penis Dildos

Size of Animal Penis Dildos

Animal penis dildos come in different sizes from small, medium to large. How you plan to use the dildo will determine the sizes you choose. If for vagina use, consider a normal human penis size. Unless you are already an anal pro, anal dildo penetration will require some preparation before you can enjoy the orgasmic benefits. While you might be excited to try on the actual size of the animal penis dildo you fetish, it is advisable to start small and work your way up. You might need to purchase anal dilators to train and open up your anus to accommodate the dildo comfortably.

Material of Animal Penis Dildos

Like any other sex toys, animal penis dildos are made from a variety of materials including:

Silicone: This is the most preferred material because it is hypoallergenic and waterproof, making for safe and exciting animal dildos to play with. It also warms up to the body quickly and has a soft feel. Silicone can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, though can be pricy.

Rubber: For most people, rubber is a fetish material. It is firm, soft and warms up quickly to the body. It is also highly affordable. The downside is that rubber is porous and can be a bit hard to thoroughly sterilise hence, can encourage moulding and bacterial growth. If you choose rubber, make sure to thoroughly clean and air dry before storage.

Jelly: This material is popular for it firm yet flexible characteristics. It inserts easily and warms up quickly giving you a squishy orgasmic sensation. It also has an inviting elegant appearance which will turn you on just by the looks. The downside is that it is highly porous and tends to encourage bacteria growth. Make sure to thoroughly clean with hot soapy water and a disinfectant before and after every use.

CyberSkin: This material offers the closest feeling to realistic skin. It is firm, soft, squishy, smooth and flexible. The downside is that CyberSkin is highly porous.

Metal: This material is gaining popularity because of its medieval erotic appeal, elegance and durability. The most common metals used include stainless steel, aluminium, gold and silver. Metallic animal penis dildos are smooth and rigid making for a slick insertion. They are also easy to clean and maintain and make for perfect temperature play tools.

Glass: If you are all for elegance and luxury, glass is for you. Glass offers a glossy softness that is unmatched by any other material. It is waterproof, making it awesome for aquatic erotic plays. Glass dildos are made from borosilicate glass which is breakage resistant. When properly cared for, a glass dildo can serve you for a lifetime. The downside is that they can be expensive, but definitely worth the investment.

Other materials including ceramic, wood and stone are also used.

The material you choose comes down to personal preference and fetishes. However, it is important to choose high quality, body safe, easy to clean and sterilize materials. If you choose a porous material, be keen on discoloration, foul odours and formation of black dots on the surface. For your personal hygiene and health, restrain for sharing your animal penis dildos with your partners. Be sure to buy animals penis dildos from reputable retainers like Necronomicox for high quality materials.

Contemplate on Added Advantage of Animal Penis Dildos

As you contemplate on the size and material of your dream animal penis dildo, consider additional features to intensify your experience. Some animal penis dildos are fitted with vibrating bullets to increase penetrative stimulation. Others have electrostim features allowing you to introduce some electric charge to your sex life. Imagine the craze of a dragon penis with electrostim features. It plays out a fantastic scene of fetish pleasure and ‘fire’ taking you straight to sexual paradise.

Dildo Base

When choosing an animal penis dildo, pay attention to the base to provide a well—defined stopper. The last thing you need is losing the dildo entirely inside yourself or your partner in the heat of the moment. Retraction from that point can be excruciatingly painful and embarrassing. The base also gives you control over the toy during thrusting. For solo play, you might want to consider a suction cup for hands-free pleasure.

Lube Compatibility

Different materials are compatible with different types of sex lubricants. Water-based lubricants are compatible with all materials making them the most recommend. Silicone- based lubricants are not compatible with silicone animal penis dildos but can be used with other materials. Make sure to buy your animal penis dildo from retailers with an elaborate product specification portfolio like Necronomicox as they will always list down the lube compatibility for each item. If there are no specifications, always opt for a water-based lubricant.

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