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Since time immemorial, anal stimulation has been a proven way to achieve multiple orgasms for both men and women. To attain deep sensations and anal penetrations, fingering and butt plugs were introduced in the bedrooms.  But as people become more open to experiment and explore their bodies, more is required to fulfil the newly dreamt pleasure imaginations.

From necessity and ingenuity, the sex toy industry bestowed pleasure enthusiasts with inflatable butt plugs which have taken anal stimulation to the next level.  These plugs make sure you are not limited for size when enjoying anal sex. Unlike their conventional static counterparts, inflatable butt plugs act like butt balloons.  They are small and hollow, but when they come to life, they open up your anal cavity and turn it into a golden rose of pleasure.

Inflatable butt plugs guarantee you a step up your anal stimulation. These plugs are hollow inside.  Once inserted, you can increase the size by pumping air from an attached hand pump.  The plug will fill you up gradually, pressing your sphincter which is loaded up with sensual nerve endings. This will leave you with tantalising fullness and explosive orgasms that will set you screaming and body- curling with unimaginable pleasure.  Inflatable butt plugs are also awesome when tasked with open up your anal cavity for penis penetration and deep throbbing with your partner.

What Kind of Inflatable plug should you buy?

For functionality purposes, inflatable butt plugs are made from smooth material such as rubber, latex and silicone to ensure smooth entry/exit and balanced inflation. When buying inflatable butt plugs, select plugs made from strong and pure materials that cannot perforate easily, bearing in mind your personal preference and experience.

Most inflatable butt plugs are designed in small initial and medium sizes to ensure little or no discomfort during insertion. Go for egg shaped tips for stress-free insertions and gradual sensual inflation. You will also want a plug with a convenient base for easy removal once your climax is attained.

If you are browsing for inflatable plugs online, you will notice several sets of measurements listed alongside each item. These are the base measurements before and after inflation. Look for long lengths and wide inflatable diameters. The greater the inflatable width, the more fullness you will experience. We assure you, there will be a wonderful pleasurable tingling sensation that will be forever memorable.

How do you use an Inflatable anal plug?

Like any other anal toys, inflatable toys are usually small in size. Insert the toy in its normal form. You can then start the inflation by pumping slowly, squeeze a little at a time.  You can enjoy the thrill alone or with your partner by having them inflate and caress you while your body appreciates the dual stimulation. Never force the anus to open too quickly as this can cause painful tissue tears. But for those seeking a thrill and have already mastered anal play, turning the valve for accelerated inflation can give you an intense fullness coped with maximum spontaneous orgasms.  If you have pumped a little too large for your comfort, turn the tiny valve on the side of the pump to release some air or return to original size.

Before inserting any plug into your butt, you should always use plenty of anal specific lubricant to reduce fiction during penetration. Water- based lubricants are compatible with most inflatable butt plug materials. However, some people prefer silicone-based lubricants as they are slicker and thicker consistency. But if your plug is made of silicone, stick to water- based lube as silicone – silicone are not compatible.   Apply enough lubricant to both the plug and your anal cavity for a smooth insertion. If you are trying inflatable butt plugs for the first time, fingering with your partner can help open up your anal cavity and relax the muscles for more pleasure.

Undesirably, because they are made from flexible material and are hollow inside, inflatable plugs can be difficult to insert especially for beginners. A good trick is to roll the plug into a cylinder to make firm for insertion. Once in, the elastic material will unfold and return to its original shape. You can then inflate the plug gradually to your level of comfort and experience.

What are the safety checkpoints for Inflatable Butt Plugs?

One of the most common things people worry about when using inflatable butt plugs is perforation. To ensure a bunch of rubber or silicone does not explode inside you, always give your plug a proper check-up before use. 

When you receive our plug, always inflate it to make sure it is not compromised. Pay attention to the main body, tube and hand pump for excellent performance. If you see a seam or wear stress points on the material, be warily of a tear or puncture.

Also pay special attention to the inflation valve on the side of the hand pump. Because once inside, you can only deflate the plug using the valve and if it malfunctions, it can gift you an embarrassing trip to your local emergency room.

Once you are certain everything works right, you can inflate the plug as far as possible (please do this outside your anal cavity). This will give you a good idea of how much inflation is safe while anal play is on. You can even keep the track of the number of pumps that give your desired fullness for when your partner is riding you on.

Ideal for anyone in love with anal stimulation, inflatable butt plugs guarantees you a full-filling experience of unimaginable pleasure and orgasms. At Necronomicox we make sure your pleasure is excitingly stress free. Browse our online sex shop for inflatable Butt Plugs, Inflatable Dildos and Inflatable Dildo Balls. Add to cart your desired inflatable anal sex toys and we will discreetly package and ship them to you.  

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