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Which is the Best Fleshlight?

November 24, 2017 3 min read

Which is the Best Fleshlight?

Which is the Best Fleshlight?

When it comes to fleshlights, there are so many available options that it may be challenging to choose one that will actually meet every single need that you may have. However, as a beginner, you may need a little help while starting out to ensure that you get the best service out of your toy.

Which is the Best Fleshlight?

When it comes to determining the best fleshlight, there are various factors that are taken into consideration. With every person having a different preference, it becomes difficult to choose one particular fleshlight and crowning it the best. Here are some considerations that you have to keep in mind before choosing a fleshlight.

Fleshlight Length

Fleshlights range in length. This may start from 5 inch insertion length to up to 12 inches insertion length. If you have a rough estimate of the length of your penis, then you should always ensure that you pick a fleshlight that will swallow your meat whole.

Which is the Best Fleshlight?

A shallow fleshlight will rob you the chance of a full penetration while too deep a fleshlight will rob you of the chance to experience the deep penetration sensation of hitting the deep spots. Always make sure to check the insertion length of the fleshlight as opposed to the total length. The insertion length is the measure of the internal length of the tunnel.

Fleshlight Girth

The tight feel of the fleshlight is paramount to ensuring that your stroking is felt on an intense level. The tight grip of the internal tunnel makes the masturbation totally worth it as it massages every inch of your cock for that intensely pleasing sensation that will drive you to orgasmic bliss.

Which is the Best Fleshlight?

Fleshlight Texture

This is the feature that separates the basic fleshlights from the superior sensation fleshlights. The internal structure of the tunnel is the secret behind a successful fleshlight. A smooth surface texture makes the glides just normal, giving your penis no extra sensations that will have you gasping and moaning your way into an explosive orgasm.

The more complex the texture of the fleshlight, the higher the chances of you losing it within a short period of time. Some fleshlights have bumps and ticklers in the tunnel, and these serve to excite every inch of your penis as you stroke in and out. However, there are fleshlights that take the time to truly design the internal structure of the fleshlight.

These superior fleshlight may feature a tunnel that has different diameters the deeper you go. Some parts are wider than others, while others are tighter. These compartments also have various texture designs, ensuring that every inch of your cock receives a different kind of stimulation, making the experience wildly and intensely satisfying. Other fleshlights go a step further and mold the tunnel from a real porn star, giving your fantasies a chance to be fulfilled by the fleshlight.

Which is the Best Fleshlight?

As you choose your fleshlight, pay attention to the internal structure of the tunnel to determine which sensations will have you satisfied and happy with the toy.

Fleshlight Opening

Different fleshlights boast of very diverse openings. The most common include anal, vaginal and mouth openings. However, the different brands choose to tweak the designs to increase the appeal. The mouth opening may have exaggerated lips to draw you in while the vaginal opening may have the labia and clitoris exaggerated to ensure that the visual appeal of the fleshlight is up a notch.

Which is the Best Fleshlight?

Apart from these common openings, some toys have a whole different design. The swirly entry is one of these designs. This promises a different sensation from the very start of your play. The opening of the fleshlight is a make or break feature as it is the first thing you see, propelling you towards the toy or very far away from it.

Fleshlight Cleaning and Maintenance

Which is the Best Fleshlight?

Fleshlights require constant maintenance to ensure that bacterial infections do not result from the trapped fluids within the tunnel. Some sleeves can be turned inside out, making them very easy to clean no matter how complicated the structure of the tunnel is. Smooth tunnels are the easiest to clean while the fleshlights with more textured tunnels require special attention to ensure that the multiple crevices are thoroughly cleaned.

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