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December 04, 2017 3 min read

How to Choose the Best THRUST For You

THRUST is a sex toy company that has dedicated its attention to ensure that the male species gets the best toys to keep them in orgasmic bliss. The THRUST brand has a variety of options when it comes to pocket pussies and masturbators. The different products offer unique sensations that are sure to keep you coming for more and more. Below is a list of the products with the generalized features to keep you apprised of what to expect if you choose to get in the THRUST game;


How to Choose the Best THRUST For You

Fleshlights are great for solo sessions and encompass both beginners and the experienced. The beauty of the fleshlight is in its discreet easy to grip case that ensures you are in total control of your strokes. The fleshlights come in so many designs, with various openings ranging from mouth to anal openings.

The tunnels come in different textures and designs. Fleshlights are made from soft and supple material, giving them a realistic feeling that goes a long way into ensuring your session is as stimulating as possible. Fleshlights come with different features and functionalities, ranging from product to product. This ensures that you never get bored and you can always collect as many as possible to cater to your diverse needs.

Fleshlights produce such intense realistic sensations that are superior to any other masturbators. However, the realistic material also makes the fleshlight a toy that requires the utmost care. Once cleaned and dried, make sure to apply the THRUST renewer powder to keep the toy soft and supple for the longest time.


How to Choose the Best THRUST For You

These are generally very flexible sleeves designed to swallow you whole, with the strokes massaging every inch of your cock to give you the time of your life. These masturbators come in different sizes, colors, textures, materials and shapes. Designed for manual stimulation, the masturbators ensure that you are in total control of the pressure and the stroke tempo, allowing you to stroke yourself into orgasmic bliss.

The masturbators also have an option of vibrating sleeves, created for those who prefer a bit of automated stimulations to keep things spicy. Different masturbators come with different functions and controllers, but the bottom line is that the orgasmic experience will be unlike any other you have ever experienced.

Pocket Pussies

How to Choose the Best THRUST For You

Unlike masturbators, pocket pussies are not encased in any material. The sleeve is flexible enough, with the outer surface being easy to grip. The pressure exerted by your hand is felt through the sleeve, allowing you to guide your strokes with different pressure variations and speeds to ensure that you get the most out of the toy.

The tunnel structure of the pocket pussies vary from product to product. This makes it so easy to collect the pocket pussies so that you get to experience the different sensations until you find the one that you can’t seem to get enough of.

Mega Masturbators

These masturbators are for those who have no qualms about their sex toys having a bit of weight. These masturbators are technical sex dolls that feature only the target areas. With some having multiple holes, these masturbators feel so real and they will have you blowing your load even when you are not intending to. Some features may be exaggerated just to get the visual appeal that matches the preferences of the various potential customers. There are also color diversity just to ensure that every person gets a toy that looks as close to the real thing as possible.

How to Choose the Best THRUST For You

Some feature big booty while others feature supple breasts. These are for visual as well as functional reasons. Choosing a mega masturbator may get a bit challenging as all seem superior and highly satisfactory. The masturbators require even more detailed maintenance procedure to ensure that they stay soft, supple and free of any damages. Always check the toy guide for the cleaning and maintenance procedure. Renewer powder should be used generously to ensure that the whole toy maintains its supple and soft feel.

Storage Bags

THRUST has its own storage bags for your toys. Toys are not supposed to be stored with their materials touching so the bag makes for a great protection technique.

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