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September 14, 2017 4 min read


Many have taken a liking to ‘mechanical sex simulators’ or a more kinky term fucking machine. Sex machines have come a long way but one thing is certain they give you a different sexual experience altogether. Mostly popular in porn, sex machines have slowly crept into everyday bedroom play. Now when buying a sex machine it is best to do all the research necessary to get a product that is both safe and satisfying. It is good to note that on the market you will find anything from terrible products to top shelf quality products. In this guide we will cover some of the basic types of sex machines out there.

How to buy a sex machine


Fucking machines are the real deal, pleasure to your custom tastes until you are down to your last drop. Designed to simulate vaginal or anal sex by penetrating with a dildo which you can control the speed of thrust, so if you want it real fast or slow it will all be in your control. With a flywheel which results in rotational movement attached to a motor which the causes linear movement of the dildo which is attached to a thrust rod. Different thrusts and speed can be controlled by changing the radius of the linkage arm on the flywheel. From ultra-fast thrusts to slow ones it is all in your control. Entry level machines like the F-Machine Pro and the Maestro take into account speed and power of thrust. It is good to buy a machine with a strong motor as it delivers enough power to keep thrusting even when you compress on it during orgasm you are guaranteed that it will maintain thrust and will not stop, however for a machine with a smaller weaker motor it will most definitely not deliver. There are more expensive fucking machines on the market like the Shockspot and the Tango, these use a linear motor thus making sure they are more streamlined and a smaller size because they do not have a flywheel.

How to buy a sex machine


If you have seen a sex machine in porn it is most likely a sybian, known to deliver some mind blowing orgasms the sybian is costly but will give you the ride of your life. The sybian delivers some powerful vibrations and it comes packing some surprises. Equipped with various attachments, penetrative and non-penetrative which are placed on top of the sybian. Different sizes are also available so there will never be a lack of choice for you to choose from. What you do is you straddle the sybian and you penetrate yourself using the attachments, whilst your clitoris sits against a little knob which stimulates the clitoris with some intense vibrations. The Sybian comes with a controller which has two controls which alter rotation and vibrations, rotation and vibration intensity will all be customized by you using the remote controller and you will be flying in ecstasy in no time. Although the Sybian is a bit expensive, your pleasures will not be dulled as there are companies that rent out so you can test drive and you are guaranteed to break the bank after the experience the sybian gives.

How to buy a sex machine


A seat equipped with a rocking mechanism, as you rock back and forth you will be moving the dildo attached on to the monkey rocker up and down. The monkey rocker gives total control of the speed of thrust and can work as a good work out.

sex machine HE MONKEY ROCKER


E-stim machines are used for electro sex, by using electricity to deliver varying sensations to your body. Built with various intensity levels you will be treated to some tingling and intense sensation that will transport you into ecstasy. Be it solo play or with a partner E-stim machine will give you a different experience from the common sex machines. Each setting will produce a different feeling for you all the time, as current is delivered through electrodes which come in different forms.



In some case people don’t buy masturbation machines and are innovative in ways to pleasure themselves. Some of these toys are a bit unconventional and should be used at the owner’s risk.


For the more curious minded power tool sex machines are the “in thing”, although they should be used with caution as power tools are designed for specific tasks which do not involve sex. You can use specialized adaptors for your drill to attach your dildo or a reciprocating saw and harness the “power” of these power tools for intense pleasure however it is advised to use these with caution to avoid injury. With power tools the risks that are encountered are electrocution and friction injuries, power tools produce some great speeds and these could be harmful as the human body can only withstand certain amounts of friction without being injured especially tender parts like your privates or anus. Dangers aside these kinds of sex machines could give you some of the most intense orgasms but take care to use lots of lubricant because you will need the extra lubrication. And shop for the proper adapter this is very vital and never attach directly to the end of a saw or a drill. Safety comes first so in addition to having fun do take care.



Some more resourceful people can be creative about by building their own sex machines. Plans are available all over the internet with specific instructions on how to build these machines. You can build your own custom monkey rocker, or get someone who is more experienced to help you build one especially with masturbation machines that require electricity. Always prioritize safety first, creating something from scratch can be fun but always take care to build something that will not harm you. The world of sex machines can be quite intriguing and it will most definitely deliver on all your fantasies, so go out there and get yourself a sex machine and have some fun.

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