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December 15, 2017 3 min read

Guide to Women's Edible Candy Underwear, Candy Bra, Candy G-String, Edible Panties

The world of sexual delights is filled with so many toys and tools that they can get very confusing. The seduction process is the most integral part as it gets the parties in the mood for the upcoming main even. From lingerie to oils and scented candles, there is no limit as to what can be employed to set the scene. However, oral stimulation has been high among the most seductive plays in the bedroom.

For the ones that do not like giving head, there are lubes created to help by incorporating intense pleasurable flavors. In the same spirit, candy lingerie was created to help the full body oral stimulation along.

Guide to Women's Edible Candy Underwear

Choosing your Candy Lingerie

When it comes to candy bras, g-strings and thongs, sizes matter. Your comfort should always come first and getting the right fit when it comes to candy underwear is very important. The candy is held in place by strings and when excess pressure is applied the string is likely to break and cause the candy to scatter everywhere. While this may be okay in the bedroom, it would be a disaster in a public setting.

Once you have established your size, it is time to choose the type of candy that would make your partner enjoy every second of playtime. From sweet to sour, there are a variety of hard candies used to create the candy masterpiece that you have in front of you. Always ensure that you determine the type of candy that would ensure the session isn’t a grimacing fest and your partner enduring a bad situation just to make you happy.

For those who are very particular about the color of the lingerie, there are various options to choose from that will have you drooling to collect more. Because the candy lingerie is designed for one time use, the choice can never be returned if it is disappointing. For this reason always ensure that you take your time choosing the color to ensure you get something flattering for you specifically.

Guide to Women's Edible Candy Underwear

Rocking Your Candy Intimates

Once you have your candy lingerie, it is time to plan out the event and the details of the seduction process. It is very disappointing to rock something very intense and end up getting a whole bowl of disappointment. If you plan on playing the long game, it may involve wearing something that can reveal what’s underneath to get your partner on the same wavelength even as you attend that function that you couldn’t skip.

Candy lingerie is a bit bumpy, so may not be advisable to wear during official work functions. But if you can find a way of wearing the lingerie discreetly or if you are the adventurous kind then by all means indulge your naughty side. Once you have your partner alerted to the situation, spend the night dropping hints, subtle touches and lusty looks. This will have both of you ready to dive into the bedroom. This approach is tricky as the lingerie may just end up being torn off without prior tasting. The upside is that you get to eat candy in bed after the quick tumble is over and done with.

For a slow and sensually seductive night, have the romantic setting already set up and appear wearing your great edible lingerie. Once the play starts of slow, your partner will get to indulge in the treats as you both get your bodies ready for the intense play that will be held later on. Removing candy lingerie is fun as you get to indulge in the no hands allowed game that will have the session going for longer as your partner tries to get you out of the lingerie using the teeth. The best part is that your clitoris will taste heavenly once the lingerie is off, having your body engulfed in intense clitoral stimulation before the main event starts off.

Candy lingerie is part and parcel of the seductive kit, helping you think of new and more fun ways to ensure that your bedroom play remains adventurous and intensely stimulating. Grab yours and indulge your senses in some sweet candy action.

Guide to Women's Edible Candy Underwear

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