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December 15, 2017 3 min read

Guide to Luxury Sex Toys

There are very many sex toys currently in the market and they differ in terms of cost and other factors. When it comes to luxury sex toys, the price is the first thing that most people notice. Luxury sex toys cost more than other toys and for good reason. If you are thinking of getting your hands on a pricey orgasmic sex toy, there are some features that you should always look out for;

Guide to Luxury Sex Toys

Luxury Sex Toys Material

Unlike the pocket friendly sex toys, luxury toys are made from the best materials, giving them a smooth and sophisticated finish that is not only visually appealing, but also feels great during play. When it comes to silicone based luxury toys, the feel of the material is marginally different from the other silicone toys. To start with, the surface texture is wonderfully smooth and velvety, making every touch a delightful experience that can never be traded for anything else.

Metallic luxury toys also seem to shine brighter than their cheaper counterparts making them look even sleeker and more visually appealing. The high quality metallic finishing is not prone to any fading or chipping making the toys safer for longer.

Luxury Sex Toys Functionality

When it comes to investing in a luxury toy, the functionalities are expected to be much better that the ones found in budget toys. In this case, the motor speeds are not confined to one setting and if they are the vibrations should be powerful enough to get the job done every time. Vibrational patterns are pulses are more diverse, making the toy a great companion even when the tempo needs vary depending on your mood.

Luxury sex toys are also more like to have app compatibility features. These are great for customization and remote control. While these features may apply to some other toys, the luxury sex toys are more likely to have more features and options compared to their cheaper counterparts.

Power Consumption

Luxury sex toys cost a fortune because the parts are made with high quality materials to produce a highly functioning product. This also applies to the power retention of the batteries found in the toy. While more functionality means greater power experience, the toys should be able to retain power levels for a longer period of time as the motors are more efficient and have low consumption capability.

Recharging Options

Most toys are charged using mains power. However, some luxury toys are rechargeable using USB, making them great travel companions. The charging time is also a factor for consideration as it makes no sense to have a 2 hour charging period for only 5 minutes worth of powerful vibrations.


Every toy requires extensive care to maintain the material integrity of the sex toy. However, degradation due to constant use can never be avoided and even with the best of care the toy will finally have to get replaced. The same applies to luxury sex toys but the degradation time is much longer compared to the cheaper sex toys. This durability makes the initial high investment totally worth it in the long run as luxury sex toys have a longer service span.

Waterproof Luxury Sex Toys

Self healing silicone is a material that is employed in the manufacture of luxury sex toys. This material is absolutely waterproof and very hard to damage despite its soft velvety feel. Self healing silicone has been an innovative addition to the luxury sex toys as it enables the rechargeable toys to also have the waterproof feature. Normal rechargeable sex toys are rarely waterproof as there are joints in the design that allow for water to get into the inner parts of the toy. With the self healing silicone however, this flaw is plugged tight and even the kinkiest water play will still have the toy working in great condition once bath time is over.

Guide to Luxury Sex Toys

Luxury sex toys come in various designs, sizes, colors and materials. All you have to do is choose the toy that will most likely fit your needs as closely as possible. This is because the toys cost a whole lot more and it would be travesty if you chose something that would end up being a complete disappointment.

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