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Beginner's Guide To Whips

October 19, 2017 3 min read

Beginner's Guide To Whips

Beginner's Guide To Whips

Whips are great for BDSM play, but unlike all the other spanking tools, they are the most dangerous. Getting into whipping requires that you have the most careful plan in mind, ensuring that the play is as safe as it could be. The spanking safety rules apply, but with the greater risk that whips bring, you need a few more safety tips to add to the list.


It is common sense that the whip should be kept away from the face, but for complete safety the dominant and the submissive need to have goggle on and if this is not available, put on peaked hats.

  • As with all the other spanking tools, the whip should be confined to the large muscle groups, namely; back, buttocks and upper thighs.
  • Keep away from the neck, face, spine and kidneys. There is no reason to expose your partner to the risk of tremendous damage to their body.
  • Always have a first aid kit nearby, complete with antibacterial cleaner and latex gloves. Whips have a higher likelihood of causing cuts, abrasions and bruises, so always ensure you are sufficiently protected against blood borne diseases.
  • Never use a whip on your partner without testing it out first. Pillows, plush toys and cushions are great practicing accessories to ensure that you get the hang of your whip before landing it on your partner.
  • The bull whip is absolutely out of reach for those with zero experience or practice. Very likely to cause damage if misused; ensure that you have the training and qualification to handle it to ensure that you do not end up messing up your partner.
  • Keep your strikes away from the joints. It is of no good to you or your partner if they end up curled up in pain in the ER with an injury that would be easily avoided.

Whip Materials

  • Nylon

Get your hands on this synthetic whip and watch as it leaves a mark with its short and sharp sting. The synthetic fiber keeps it light, and the rigid strikes make the whip very easy to control, ensuring that there are no hiccups caused by missing the mark. This one is a great choice for beginners as it is easy to handle, durable and does not need much when it comes to caring for it.

  • Leather

This whip will need some prior practice before indulging in human play. The rigid whip delivers a thud like no other, leaving behind a sharp sting in its wake. Always ensure that you have your aiming skills on point to ensure that you do not hit the unintended region. Although it is substantially easy to handle, steer clear if you are a newbie until you get the hang of it through training. The whip can last a long time but it requires some special and constant care to make this happen.

  • Rubber

This one is intended for those with extensive experience in the whipping department. The rubber whip is highly likely to cause abrasions and cuts, making play time very risky. Always ensure you have your safety lessons on your fingertips as you indulge in this toy that is guaranteed to unleash some severe punishment.

Types of Whips

There are various selections to choose from when it comes to selecting a whip for your play sessions. Beginners are however required to stick to the whips that do not require a whole lot of safety techniques or complicated handling procedures. The flicker whip is a good place to start as it is easy to handle, making the practice sessions a bit smooth. Being a flexible whip, it is easier to handle as compared to its counterparts, ensuring that you have minimal chances of hurting your partner if you play within the safety box. Your whips should not be longer than four feet to ensure that you can control the landing to ensure there is no wrapping, an occurrence that might cause untold damage.

Whipping is a great way to get your pain fantasies going, but with the risk of abrasions and cuts, always ensure that you keep your whips exclusive. Never use one whip on multiple partners as this may result in some unnecessary exposure to various infections.

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