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Beginner's Guide to Sex Swings and Position Enhancers

October 19, 2017 3 min read

Beginner's Guide to Sex Swings and Position Enhancers

Beginner's Guide to Sex Swings and Position Enhancers

Getting your freak on may have you dreaming up of new ways to get the big O. Enjoying new ways of indulging your fantasies may be great, and with all the new information coming up, it may be about time you dipped your toe into the pond. There is always the need to reinvent bedroom antics before your sex life is plagued with boredom and repetition. If you are thinking of trying sex swings, there are a few things you should have in mind.

Beginner's Guide to Sex Swings and Position Enhancers

Introduction to Sex Swings

  • Set Up

Contrary to mass belief, the sex swing is not as bulky as it is made out to be. Most people are worried that they would have to make very notable changes to their ceilings, which is very far from the truth. Most sex swings come with stable screws, and all you need is a sturdy ceiling being to attach the swing to. The swing is attached to a very stable metal frame that is able to hold your weight comfortable. The frame is then attached to the beam using the special screw that comes with it.

For those whose bedrooms don’t have a ceiling beam, there are sex swings designed to be attached to door frames. The over-the-door swings can be secured to the normal door frames and are stable enough to hold your weight. They can be attached and detached in a few minutes and your visitors would be none the wiser as there is no trace left of the swing.

  • Playtime

The straps are designed to hold your bottoms, arms and/or feet, giving you that comfortable feeling of swinging from the chandelier. Hold on tight as you enjoy the various positions you can manage. With the swing holding your weight comfortably, sink into your sensations and enjoy your ride until the very explosive and orgasmic end.
  • Storage

Once you are done with your session just detach the swing and fold it up. Once folded, you can slide it under the bed or tuck it away in your closet. Although not all sex swings are easy to stow away, most have been designed with privacy in mind and they are foldable for ultimate discretion.

Position Enhancers

If you consider swinging from the roof or door a bit too much, there is a collection of sex furniture designed to help you achieve that position that lets your sweet spot get attended to every single time. The sex furniture includes items such as chairs, pillows and wedges.

The wedge is a great accessory if you want your crotch to be more accessible. It can be place under you back, your stomach or any part you need boosted. With its changeable cover, cleaning becomes so easy. Position enhancers are great for those who need a soft start into wild sexual routines. Just easing your way into it is guarantee that you go a step higher as you become more and more comfortable.

Inflatable Bondage Chair


Sex swings and position enhancers generally require that you have a strong body to handle all the moves and positions. For those incapable of swinging or having their bodies in uncomfortable positions for any reason, the inflatable bondage chair is comfortable enough to hold them and requires no contortions. It is ideal for bondage play and once the session is done it can be used as normal furniture or deflated and put away. Body limitations is not an excuse to have boring sex as there are always accessories designed to help you get your rocks off in the most adventurous way possible.

Whether you are just looking for adventure or seeking ways to spice up your relationship, sex swings and position enhancers require patience and open communication as you indulge. Safety is always the most important aspect of adventurous sexual encounters. Always ensure that you clean the accessories well once you are done, preferably with antibacterial toy cleaner. Take your time choosing your swing and/or position enhancer and always go with the toys that match your skill level. Once you find your match, take a bold step and indulge in the sensations that will be give you mind blowing orgasms during every session.

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