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A Comprehensive Guide to G-Spot Vibrators for Women

January 18, 2018 3 min read

A Comprehensive Guide to G-Spot Vibrators for Women - GSpot Vibrators

A Comprehensive Guide to G-Spot Vibrators for Women

The g-spot is responsible for some pretty powerful orgasms. However, many women have not had the opportunity to experience such intensity in their lifetimes. The g-spot vibrator is a toy created to ensure that the g-spot experiences the intense sensations that will have the body responding with a powerful orgasmic release. There are so many g-spot vibrators in the market and all you have to do is take a close look at a few basics so that you get to make the best possible choice.

G-Spot Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrators & Material Composition

The composite material of a toy differs from toy to toy. The cost of the toy is one of the determining factors of the quality of the material used. From soft plastic to high quality silicone to stainless steel, the g-spot vibrator has various options. While most are beginner friendly, the stainless steel g-spot dildo should be left for use by experts. The soft velvety silicone is mostly found in the luxury sex toys.

G-Spot Vibrators & Controller Functions

Various controllers have differing functionalities. This is mostly notable in the number of vibration patterns and the speed of the vibrations. While some have a single speed capability, others have multiple speeds and may feature vibration patterns as well as pulses. Getting the right functionality depends on your needs. Some people are perfectly comfortable with the single speed toys while others cannot imagine having only one type of vibrational pattern and speed.

Some controllers are wireless, others are inbuilt while others are wired. For the wireless remote controls, the range differs from one toy to another. Others have a remote control that can be synced to an app that allows long distance activation and control of the toy. The inbuilt controllers are usually activated either by pressing a button or by twisting the base of the toy. Wired controllers are powerful but tend to be very limiting as they only allow movement to a certain range before the wire becomes a nuisance.

Using the G-spot Vibrator

Once you have your toy picked out, it is time to indulge in some sensational action. The first thing that you do is clean and sanitize your toy to ensure that it is safe for use. Next, get your hands on some compatible lube. When it comes to lubricants, always ensure that you get lubricant that will not damage your toy. Water based lubricant is advised as it is compatible with a wide range of toys. However, always check for the ingredients as some contain ingredients that are irritants to sensitive skin.

Before starting, ensure that you are sufficiently aroused. If you are with a partner, indulge in some intense foreplay to get your body ready. For those indulging in a solo session, take your clit vibe for a spin to ensure that you are prepared for intense penetrative action.

Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the g-spot vibrator and the opening of your vagina. Once you are in the intended position, insert the vibrator inch by inch until it is fully inserted. Turn on the controller and enjoy the powerful vibrations that engulf your body. You can try out the different speeds and functions so that you may discover the ones that get you off easily.

Once the session is complete, revel in the aftermath of the orgasmic experience.

Cleaning the G-Spot Vibrator

Cleaning of the vibrator is of the utmost importance. Left without cleaning, the body fluids will fester and cause untold infections if the toy is used in that condition again. If you have toy cleaner, always check to see if it is compatible with your toy. Lather your toy and clean thoroughly with toy cleaner and warm water. Once clean, rinse the toy with plenty of water. After that you can choose to air dry the toy if you are in no hurry. If you are in a rush, dab the vibrator dry with a towel and ensure that it is completely and sufficiently dry. If you share the toy with your partner, always ensure that you sanitize the toy before and after use. Store the toy in a cool and dry place and ensure that it is not in direct contact with your other toys.

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