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5 Reasons You Should Try CBT

October 25, 2017 3 min read

5 Reasons You Should Try CBT

5 Reasons You Should Try CBT

Cock and Ball Torture is a game aimed at associating the genitals with pain and pleasure at intermittent periods. With the tools and toys designed to help you achieve the intense play that you crave, CBT becomes a session that will have you going out of your mind and begging for more when the time comes. The word torture is enough to have most people running for the hills, but the bold ones take a moment to understand what makes the game so damn popular. If you are looking for a reason to indulge, here are five;

Reach the Euphoric High

Whenever the body is subjected to any form of pain, the pain receptors in the brain respond by releasing endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkiller, and have the same effect as codeine and morphine. When it comes to CBT play, the pain receptors in the brain are activated, leading to the release of endorphins. Your body becomes engulfed with these feel good hormones that will have you experience a high like no other.

Pain/Pleasure Experience

The genitals are generally associated with pleasurable sensations, and CBT aims at ensuring that pain is also thrown in the mix. With each application of the pain stimulus, the brain releases a dose of adrenaline. The genitals become engorged with blood during CBT, making the adrenaline rush take its toll on your body, confusing your pain and pleasure receptors even further. This pain and pleasure confusion makes the whole session feel like so great as the game proceeds. This pain and pleasure combination is enough to drive you wild as the receptors confuse the two ever so often, making your anticipation fall short of its mark.

Increased Trust

Every single moment spent under the total control of your partner requires a bit of trust. With your genitals in their total control, you hand over your most precious sexual organs to another person. The torture session involves some risky techniques, and with the slight chance of boundaries being overstepped, every successful session makes you more and more comfortable leaving it all to them. This show of trust enables them to keep your safety in mind, enhancing the bond that you share. The CBT sessions get more and more risky as new techniques are introduced. With the historical background you share, you are willing to go the extra mile to please them.

CBT is a game that can only be attempted by partners who trust each other, making this play psychologically fulfilling as well as physically fulfilling.

Sensitive Play

CBT toys and accessories always cause an increase in sensitivity due to the application of pressure to the balls and cock, leading to an increase of blood flow into the area. This heightened sensitivity becomes the perfect setting for your partner to exercise the imagination for some intensive sensory play. With the pain and pleasure stimuli being felt on a higher scale, your body magnifies every sensation, making even the slightest pain almost too much to bear.

Temperature play will ensure that the heightened sensitivity is manipulated to its full extent, making your body experience enhanced sensations with every cold, hot or warm sensation. With the incorporation of temperature play and sensory play into CBT, your body becomes engulfed in intense and powerful sensations that will have you experiencing mind blowing orgasms.

Powerful Finale

CBT toys and accessories always involve some form of ejaculation delay, making every second of the play feel torturous, with the end seeming so close and yet so unachievable. Getting your final release is sure to be the best reward for the anticipation that has plagued your body for the entirety of the session. Cock rings and ball stretchers are known to extend the orgasm length by giving the load a longer travel distance, totally making up for the moments spent in torturous pain and pleasure leading up to the great finale.

CBT may be a game designed to involve the most sensitive body parts, but the benefits are totally worth the risk. For this reason, BDSM is an addictive play that guarantees the submissive and the dominant tremendous satisfaction that can only be craved over and over again.

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